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STD Testing
(Sexually Transmitted Disease)

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STD Testing (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

Taking control of your sexual health is important for yourself and for your current and future partners. Helix Virtual Medicine has eliminated the need for an in-person doctor’s visit with an easy, discreet process. Schedule an appointment with one of our telehealth providers who will then order your STD/STI testing kit to be sent directly to you. With our telehealth platform, Helix Virtual Medicine’s medical providers are able to bill your insurance directly for a low-cost to no-cost test. 

Collect your urine sample in the privacy of your home and return it to the lab using the prepaid shipping label provided. 

The STD/STI panel includes testing for the following STD/STIs:

If positive results are detected, our dedicated team will call you right away to start a treatment plan, and send any prescriptions needed to your pharmacy.

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*Payment – Most Insurances Accepted

Helix accepts most major medical insurance, and our services are available to those with or without insurance plans. During registration, you will be asked if you would like to bill your insurance and, at that time, you may enter your plan information. Our team will verify your eligibility, and you will only be billed for the portion not covered by your plan. Please consult your insurance carrier to see what is covered under your plan. Cash pay rates are also available.

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© 2021 Helix Virtual Medicine. All rights reserved.
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