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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) can cause mild to severe illness. Treatment is available online today.


Helix Virtual Medicine can help if you are experiencing UTI symptoms. Our Provider network can evaluate your symptoms and get you on track to feeling better with same-day treatment options available.

Our UTI Lab-based PCR Test provides you with more detail than a typical urine culture test. This test is best for a more comprehensive panel or for Chronic UTI patients.

  • Molecular PCR test identifies more bacteria and provides detail in determining treatment options
  • Comprehensive urine panel test kit detects urinary  pathogens by molecular technique
  • Live Virtual Tutorial Option included
  • Official Lab Report Provided

Complete Virtual Care is what makes Helix Virtual Medicine different. Our end-to-end solution means that you can see a Provider, order a test kit, and start a treatment plan all from your phone, while using insurance – all in the same day.

Our UTI Rapid Test provides you with results in minutes and can include a certified result from virtual proctoring.

  • Results in minutes
  • Over-the-counter, at-home self-collection
  • Detects infection by identifying presence of bacteria and white blood cells in urine
  • Live Virtual Tutorial Included
  • Includes Digital Certificate of Result from Virtual Proctor

Symptoms can include pain or burning while urinating, frequent urination, the persistent urge to urinate, and more.  Our rapid test can provide you with results quickly, while our PCR test is best for comprehensive testing. Our award-winning Physician network can help to diagnose and treat your symptoms. Both your virtual visit and our tests are private and discreet. To get started, click here.

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