HelixVM™: Randomized Clinical Trial Demonstrates Marketplace's Ability to Advance Healthcare Access with Improved Provider Capacity

New York, NY. (November 29, 2023) – HelixVM™, a virtual healthcare marketplace, showcases its ability to significantly increase physician capacity, revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered. The pioneering marketplace platform demonstrated the capability to streamline patient-doctor interactions, leading to efficient care with providers in the study seeing clear evidence of HelixVM improving access to healthcare.

The successful study examined the real-world impact of the HelixVM marketplace across three key constituencies including patients, providers, and referral partners.

The trial met HelixVM’s primary endpoints, with ≥80% outcomes across:

  • Providers identifying improvement in healthcare access
  • Patients recognizing the significant benefit of HelixVM’s FastTrack Rx service
  • Referral partners finding clear benefits for their business and customers

The groundbreaking IRB Study was executed by HITLAB, a renowned Healthcare Innovation and Technology Lab, located at New York City. The randomized clinical study evaluated patients (N=102), partners (N=5), and providers (N=11), who were confirmed users of the marketplace platform.

Dr. Nabeel Saghir, MD, a provider using input from the HelixVM marketplace platform, was able to provide care to twice as many patients. He commented, “The ability for a physician to start with a robust patient chart enables the clinician to focus on patient care exclusively.”

Key findings from the BRANY IRB study (ID: 23-12-625-681) include:

 1. Dramatic Increase in Provider Effectiveness and Healthcare Access: The HelixVM marketplace platform streamlined the provider consultation process with the majority (91%) of providers identifying significant improvements in access to healthcare services for patients.

2. FastTrack Rx Patent-Pending Processes Provide Significant Patient Benefit: The online platform enables patients to receive prescriptions quickly, while still following comprehensive medical protocols, a benefit recognized by (89%) of patients as a useful service.

3. HelixVM Ability to Provide Clear Benefits for Referral Partners: Partners were able to receive necessary medical orders, improve care coordination and documentation, and improve patient processing speed, patient satisfaction, and health care outcomes. 80% of partners strongly agreed this benefits their business and customer base.

The study recognized that majority of patients (89%), all providers (100%), and all referral partners (100%) would choose to use HelixVM in the future. The HelixVM marketplace has proven efficacy in doubling physician capacity without additional human capital through Smart Intake, AI-integrated triage clearing, and FastTrack Rx prescriptions, that leverage patent-pending asynchronous processes.

The online platform, which creates a SOAP note within a physician’s respective EMR, enables 50-75% reduction in time spent on tasks like charting, diagnosis, and treatment. The platform serves as both licensable SAAS and as a marketplace, with proprietary telehealth video functionality, multi-channel patient intake, customized screening, rigorous documentation for processing and insurance claims, RCM, and favorable economics.

“We extend our thanks to HITLAB and believe this study underscores the immense value that HelixVM brings in addressing the #1 issue in health care, not having enough doctors to meet patient demand, which impacts care, access, and patient outcomes.” Said Robert Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of HelixVM. “This milestone is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing health care delivery for providers, patients, and partners alike.”

Rodriguez will present these findings at Columbia University during the HITLAB Innovators Summit 2023 on November 30, 2023. For investor or media inquiries, email csutherland@helixvm.com.

Stan Kachnowski, PhD MPA, the Principal Investigator of the study, commented, “Our research demonstrates the transformative potential of the HelixVM marketplace. The ability of the HelixVM marketplace to empower physicians to serve a significantly larger patient population without compromising quality of care has a significant potential to address health care supply issues.”

This study creates a springboard to scale the HelixVM marketplace, which has experienced double-digit month-over-month growth in 2023.

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HelixVM has developed a patent-pending, cloud-based, medical marketplace that leverages AI to deliver fast and seamless virtual health care. We accept most major medical insurance and operate across all 50 states to deliver a revolutionary health care experience that frees both patients and providers from the drudgery of the current health care model. HelixVM patients seamlessly receive same day treatment without a required face-to-face doctor’s visit, from their phone, while using insurance.

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HITLAB is an impact-first organization that offers digital health research, teaching, and advisory services to improve health delivery around the world. At HITLAB, we believe technology and health can work together to improve the quality of health delivery and healthcare worldwide. We use rigorous research and evidence-based methods to identify the best digital health solutions for each of our partners.

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