HelixVM™ teams up with Columbia University to enhance its medical marketplace, fortifying triage clearinghouse and fast-tracking patient care

HelixVM™, a virtual health care marketplace, is partnering with HITLAB, (Healthcare Innovation and Technology Lab), located at Columbia University, to elevate medical marketplace innovation. 

This partnership further enhances HelixVM’s cutting-edge medical marketplace, focusing on streamlining triage clearing for healthcare providers and expediting FastTrackRx™ prescriptions for patients.

The HelixVM marketplace integrates AI, providing physicians with a seamless triage-clearing process that enhances timely decision-making, patient care, and resource allocation. This includes multi-channel patient intake, catering to both in-store and remote patients. The AI-driven e-Triage clearinghouse facilitates fast track medical consultations for busy providers within their own EMR ecosystem. This leads to 50-75% reduction in time providers spend on tasks like charting, diagnosis, and treatment. This encompasses in-house or third-party claims-assignment for patients covered by insurance.

Furthermore, the FastTrackRx™ prescription feature offered by HelixVM aims to empower patients with a convenient and expedited prescription process. Through this innovative solution, patients can receive necessary prescriptions promptly, enhancing their overall healthcare experience and ensuring timely access to vital medications.

Robert Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of HelixVM, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Partnering with HITLAB is a significant step forward in our mission to reshape the healthcare technology landscape. This collaboration will enable us to leverage top-tier research and innovation to provide unparalleled solutions for healthcare providers and patients alike.”

Stan Kachnowski, PhD MPA, Director of HITLAB, commented, “We are thrilled to join forces with HelixVM in their journey to drive healthcare innovation forward. By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident that our partnership will yield transformative advancements in medical technology.”

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for HelixVM and HITLAB, as they work together to redefine the healthcare technology landscape and create a more efficient, patient-centered medical marketplace.

About HelixVM

HelixVM has developed a patent-pending, cloud-based, medical marketplace that leverages AI to deliver fast and seamless virtual health care. We accept most major medical insurance and operate across all 50 states to deliver a revolutionary health care experience that frees both patients and providers from the drudgery of the current health care model. HelixVM patients seamlessly receive same day treatment without a required face-to-face doctor’s visit, from their phone, while using insurance.

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HITLAB is an impact-first organization that offers digital health research, teaching, and advisory services to improve health delivery around the world. At HITLAB, we believe technology and health can work together to improve the quality of health delivery and healthcare worldwide. We use rigorous research and evidence-based methods to identify the best digital health solutions for each of our partners.

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