Deltacron: Could This Be Another Variant?


Making headlines is the newly discovered variant Deltacron, which combines the Omicron and Delta variant. Should we be concerned? As SARS-CoV-2 virus mutates multiple strands will be developed, which are usually less mild than the past. However, according to experts this variant may be the most contagious strand yet.

What Exactly Is This New Variant?

Although this new variant may not appear to be as severe as Omicron, it certainly is more transmissible. This is what we know so far: Deltacron contains both genes from Omicron and Delta, giving it the name Deltacron. There have been cases reported of this new variant in Denmark, France, The Netherlands, and here in the US. However, it may be too soon to tell the severity of this rare strand.  

According to Dr. Adrian Esterman, a professor at the University of South Australia and former World Health Organization (WHO) stated that Deltacron is approximately 1.4 times more infectious than the original Omicron strain BA.1.

Esterman stated that this new variant is nearly as contagious as the measles, which is known to be the most transmissible disease. Deltacron was first discovered in early January by a virologist in Cyprus, from what appeared to be a combination of the Delta and Omicron, resulting in the name, Deltacron.

How can I get tested for Deltacron?

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