HELIXVM Clears Up COVID, RSV, and Flu from Overwhelmed Hospitals

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As hospitals are overwhelmed with the surge in RSV, Covid-19, and Flu cases, HELIXVM is opening up their medical marketplace to help unclog the overloaded healthcare system this holiday season. The cloud-based platform seamlessly connects patients with providers for virtual treatment. HELIXVM has just released a healthcare innovation where patients can fast-track their treatment and receive a probable AI-driven medical diagnosis within minutes. Our solution to healthcare allows hospitals to free up emergency rooms and unclog their bandwidth while focusing their care on emergency cases.


“We are providing healthcare the way patients want it,” said Brian LePorin, President of Helix Virtual Medicine. “They want to do it all from their phone, they want to use their insurance, and they want the process to be fast and simple.” This solution not only provides hospitals with the ability to unclog their bandwidth and increase provider productivity, but it also offers patients the convenience, privacy, and safety to access healthcare from anywhere. 


About Helix Virtual Medicine

With our nearly 30 years as a leader in the health care industry, we know the old healthcare model can be frustrating and confusing. HELIXVM has developed a proprietary cloud-based medical marketplace that delivers a fast and seamless virtual healthcare solution. We accept most major medical insurances and operate across all 50 states to deliver a revolutionary healthcare experience. Need to see a Provider? Click here to get started.

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