Is It Covid, a Cold, or the Flu?

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Many people these days might feel a little under the weather, and like most of us this day in age, are afraid to cough in public, and if we do, we feel the need to follow up with an excuse such as, “oh it’s just allergies, or “it’s just a cough”. When in fact, who really knows what it is? Unless you get tested it might be hard to decipher whether it’s COVID, the flu, or just a cold.

Let’s discuss some ways to differentiate whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are just a cold. Below are some ways to spot the difference and know what to look for. With all 3 having very similar symptoms, it could be difficult to spot without an accurate test. Which in fact, can be purchased here.

The first step to feeling better is knowing your symptoms! Let’s go over some common symptoms of COVID-19. Viruses affects everyone in such different ways, some may experience mild to severe symptoms where some may not experience symptoms at all. Which is why it is best to get checked if you or someone you know has been exposed to COVID-19 and especially important to look out for the immune compromised.

While illness from the coronavirus and influenza share many similarities, there are a few differences that help doctors differentiate the two. Such as incubation period and recovery time. As we know, Covid-19 can take anywhere from two to fourteen days to show symptoms, whereas the flu comes on much quicker, such as one to three days.

Another symptom that is commonly found in both Coronavirus and Influenza is a fever. Whereas with a cold, it is not typically common to run a high fever. Extreme fatigue and exhaustion are also common among Covid-19 and Flu patients. This type of lethargy usually develops early on with the flu and sometimes progresses slowly with Covid-19. It’s important to know the difference and make sure we are taking the steps necessary to stop the spread.

Now that we’ve discussed the key differentiating factors between Covid-19 and the Flu, let’s discuss what sets the common cold apart and how to spot the difference. Stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat. All the fun things, the common cold symptoms. While yes, all those can very well be symptoms of Covid and Flu; however, they will usually be accompanied by Covid and Flu symptoms such as high fever, exhaustion, and headache. Which is how you can differentiate the three.

The odds are that if you are experiencing common cold symptoms, without any nasty Covid-19 or Flu symptoms, it could be just a cold. Use your best judgment and be wise. Stay home if you’re sick, get tested, and always remember your all-in-one solution to feeling better starts here!

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